Title: Singing and Living your Dream
Author: Michael Renier
ISBN: 978-1-920335-64-9
Price: R175,00
Date Published: December 2017

Michael Renier, alumni of the London Opera School, is a South African tenor who spent his early years in the remote and beautiful Transkei and knew from a young age that all he wanted to do was sing. He subsequently built a successful career lasting more than forty years, as opera singer chiefly in Europe and the United Kingdom.

He presents an anthology of do’s and don’ts to the prospective singer who also wishes to make a career out of his/her voice. Michael anecdotally and entertainingly recounts, from his own career and experience, pointers and incidents which assist in showing the way to the novice, on a tricky and rocky, but also a most rewarding and fulfilling career path.

His slogan: This is a learning by doing profession, just about sums it all up neatly.