Title: power of calm
Author: Abel Pienaar
ISBN: 978-1-920335-63-2
Price: R200,00
Date Published: December 2017


A guide to reclaim inner calm and happiness

Abel unfolds a whole new world of enlightenment which holds many surprises for modern man in search of meaning and happiness. The emphasis falls on inner peace and taking responsibility for one’s own destiny. This is a well-researched book which I highly recommend. -Dr Ben Barnard (Clinical psychologist and author)

Abel Pienaar is well equipped to introduce us to the time-honoured practice of mind­ful­ness. Open this book and you might just be surprised by how cool it could be to link the practices of mindfulness and happiness to a corporate career! -Dr Piet Muller (DPhil, author and futurist)

So many of us would like to live our lives in a more calm and less stressful way. This book can show you how to rediscover your inner calm, and what to do to better your life, right away.

The approach to happiness outlined in this book will show you how to access a place within yourself, a powerful place of calm, where inner peace and happiness already exist.

Dr Abel Pienaar is a South African philosopher and author. He is also a meditation and mind­ful­ness teacher, mentor and life coach.